A Little Laugh

I saw this this morning and decided starting a Thursday off on a “happy” note was a good thing.  I know after writing nearly 1,000 words a day for two weeks, today I suddenly hit a wall.  Seeing this, reminds me we can laugh and then barrel through that wall!

Grammar Nazi


2 thoughts on “A Little Laugh

  1. 1000 words a day is really good! I’ve been aiming for 2000 and I think it’s too much. It’s better to make a more realistic goal which has a high success rate:) You’ve inspired me.

    • Thanks for your positive comment! Originally, I started pushing myself to reach a goal and finally, I just wasn’t meeting it no matter what it was. Eventually, I ended up giving up and just trying to get lost in my writing, not caring about word count. Then I realized I was writing that much, and it was almost done in an hour or so. Not really sure if that helped me get faster/more out or not. Whatever I can do, I’m so happy with though, I tend to push myself too hard, too. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work! Thank you and keep writing!

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