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Starting a blog and forcing myself to get out “there” in the world, I’m such an introvert, has already proven to be great for my writing and personality.  Everyone here has been so supportive and amazing.  Some of the posts I’ve read about conferences and workshops had me really thinking about them.  Honestly, the ones I’ve wanted to go to in the past, were too expensive.  I know they are, by far worth the money, but I have twin 2 year olds and a horrible amount of debt from a past marriage.  For me to request from my husband a few $100 for a “personal weekend” away at a writing conference, just wasn’t in the cards.

Until I started this blog and, after only a week or two of learning how beneficial these conferences can be, I think it got me thinking about it a lot more.

Absently flipping through one of my writer’s digest magazines, I stumbled across a 1/4 page advertisement for Write on the Sound.  A conference that opened it’s registration this week!  And it just happens to be about 10 minutes from my sisters house up north on Puget Sound.  It didn’t take longer than 24 hours to talk to my husband and find out if he would let me do it for my birthday this year.  I’m turning 35, so I keep thinking maybe that’s a good fork in the road age, to really put my whole heart and any available time into the craft.

Originally, my husband was going to order me the Dragon software and a digital tape recorder.  I drive about an hour during the day, back and forth from work, and since I’m so horribly swamped, it’s a great time for ideas to fly around in my mind.  I thought maybe attempting to “write” during that time with the recorder might be a great time saver and get me even further along.  Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?  Anyone think it’s a bad place to spend money or better option that works well for them?  Just curious.

After hearing about the conference, my husband was adamant I should go.  He’s extremely supportive about my writing, even though I haven’t been published yet.  The really great thing is that he said even though I would be using my “birthday wish” on the conference instead of the software – he still wants to get all of it for me, if I still wish to have it.  That’s pretty great, I’m excited I don’t have to “choose” between the two.

Anyway, sorry for the digression.

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice or thoughts on my choice?  Feel free to check out the conference here:


I should probably register before advertising to everyone else 😉  But if anyone is interested and in the area, it’d be great to hear your thoughts or if you’re planning on attending!

Thanks for reading …


So I figured I should probably register now rather than wait, since it sounds like they sell out pretty quickly.  Unfortunately, even though registration was only a couple of days ago, 3 of the *main* lectures that I was so thrilled about, is already sold out.  Now I’m really questioning my desire to go.  I know I’ll still get a lot out of it, I would with any conference like this.  But knowing I only really have “one” option at least this year, for something like this, I just wonder if I should hold back and look for a different option.

I’m sort of considering joining Romance Writers of America instead this year for my birthday.  It’s even less expensive, until join a chapter anyway.  🙂

New thoughts on RWA?  I have only heard great things, but …if anyone has advice or suggestions, knowing I’m stretched for money.  Is this something I should pursue now?  Or do you think it’s best to wait until I’m further along?  All questions I’m asking myself.


2 thoughts on “Write on the Sound

  1. I joined RWA years ago when I decided to follow my dream of being a writer. It was worth every penny. Besides learning about writing (and I didn’t know I knew so little even though I had a journalism degree) I learned about the business of writing. I went to a couple of national conferences and joined a chapter where everyone was supportive of each other. The thing is, you could learn it by yourself, but it will take years and there is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming. Just joining a chapter is worthwhile. They used to have online chapters if there isn’t one in your town. The only reason I’m no longer a member is because I’m not writing romance, but what I learned can be applied to any genre. Good writing is good writing.

    • Thank you for your comment! I think every time anyone has talked about RWA, they have used the same description “Worth every penny”. I’m so glad to hear from you that you felt the same. I was a little nervous thinking about it because I didn’t know if it would require more time away from my kids. But it looks like my local chapter (Greater Seattle) isn’t too far from me and meeting only half a day, once a month, seems like practically no time to relax and enjoy something I love so much.

      Thank you so much for your time in writing to me. I greatly appreciate the opinion!!

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