Writing is Weight Loss

Two things I’ve recently had to focus more of my attention.  Writing and Exercising.  The more I think about it, the more I realize just how much one is like the other.  There is the standard “exercise your brain” phrase, which easily can describe putting onto paper what your characters are shouting in your head.  But there’s more to it than even that.

When I write a first draft, it’s like a purge.  The characters in my brain have demanded, quite literally, for me to get their story into print.  My fingers hit the keyboard and out comes…a bunch of crap.  But at the end, it’s finally ALL OUT.  Next, my second draft or even a thorough edit when I don’t feel like moving on, becomes an intense workout.  Slashing away at the blob of garbage on my screen, trying to find the meat and bones beneath the fat.  Another draft, may have me finally trimming away the stubborn fat I didn’t get with the first machete session.

Finally, at the end, a polished, sculpted manuscript.  I’ve put my whole heart and soul into the finished product.  Blood, sweat and tears are always a main ingredient to any good novel.

Thinking about it in these terms, helps me understand a little better why I struggle to get to The End.  I’m not really one to stick to an exercise routine more than, say, 2 months?  Why wouldn’t the dedicated, hard work that a finished manuscript takes – be any less of a surprise to me when I fail at it?

Well.  This year a lot has changed for me.  I have…I’ll call it a “new direction”.  A new path I’ve started my life down and it’s probably the most rigorous, difficult, every-second-a-challenge, lifestyle I could have chosen.  What this has started to show me is just how dedicated I can be to something, but also, how much work it takes to achieve each smaller goal that is part of the overall goal.

After re-reading that paragraph, I realize that sounds very cryptic.  I don’t mean it to, I assure you.  My basic point is that with the help of some outside direction, I’ve started to clear that path toward the person I want to be.  The writer I demand myself to become.

A friend of mine once said that I shouldn’t just live my life, but thrive.  I believe I’m beginning to live the way I should.  Trimming the excessive fat from my life, my body and my novel.  I’m hoping that with a good solid foundation, the true routine I’m establishing and an overall focus – I’ll have that full, thriving life I want and deserve.

With that being said, I have to force myself away from my computer to exercise my body.

New Novel Word Count:  13,844


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