First 500 Words

Being a “closet” writer, at this point, I thought I’d post my first 500 words of my current manuscript to force myself out of that shell.  Feel free to read, ignore, comment, trash…whatever you’d like, however, keep in mind this is a FIRST (rough…very rough) draft!

A reminder – I write category romance, specifically Harlequin Blaze is what I have in mind when writing my stories.  Please note: I HAVE NOT been published through them …Yet.  But it is one of my goals.

Thank you loyal readers!

Chapter 1

“Something’s missing.”

“Hot, sweaty animal sex?”

Raquel Morris rolled her eyes at Vera Lawson, her assistant, and reached for the container of cinnamon.

“Even a dollop of man couldn’t take this truffle to the gourmet level it needs to be for our glass shelves.”

“Maybe not, but it’d relax you far better than any chocolate on this planet.”

Raquel ignored the usual goading from her new friend.  From the moment she’d opened The Truffle Bar and hired the young blonde to work alongside her, the debate for the more erotic release between man versus cocoa had risen more times than baked pastry.  If she didn’t know better, she might think Vera was trying to get rid of her.

Not that she blamed her.

Six months ago, after moving back to Nacogdoches, Texas, a tiny town southeast of Jacksonville, Raquel had immediately beginning moving forward to live her dream.  Thousands of people raised in small towns grew up and moved on, to bigger and better things, the thought to return never even entering their minds.

Not Raquel.

After many years training at ICE in New York, perfecting her skills at some of the most infamous bakeries and living in a 300 square foot apartment just to save every penny she could, Raquel literally jumped for joy when her account hit that special number.

The right amount of money she needed to come home and live out her days in the beautiful, nearly undiscovered southern city.

Granted that dream had included raising a family in the renovated lakeside home left by her dear late grandfather, if nothing else, to prove she was nothing like her mother.  Unfortunately, the home had been a little more rundown then she remembered and after only a few months, she’d depleted a giant chunk from her savings.

Last week, the windows had been replaced, the grounds perfectly manicured and brought back to their lush state and her living quarters painted fresh new colors.  Next on the list, tearing apart the wraparound porch and rebuilding it with the finest pine Texas could offer.

Hell, if she was going to do it, she may as well do it right.

Texas was her home, the land her foundation.  But truffles were her priority.  Days after moving back, the old taffy shop had closed its doors.   She should have taken it as a warning, but instead of listening to her inner conscience as it jumped up and down, screaming and frantically waving large red flags, Raquel all but ran to the bank and purchased the foreclosed property for a fraction of its original worth.

Coating the plate of rich, dark chocolate balls with cinnamon, Raquel inhaled the spicy scent and felt the tension leave her shoulders.  No amount of testosterone could relax her nerves, they only added complexity.  Eventually, one would come along, they’d need to for her dreams to be truly fulfilled, but at this moment, all she needed was confectionery.

“Beautiful as always,” Vera winked, quickly snatching one up and popping it into her mouth.  “I still don’t understand how some people have such divine talent and the rest of us have to stick to Hershey’s.”

To Be Continued….


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