Life Gets in the Way

I absolutely love writing.  I love the act of it, the character banter in my mind constantly and the finished words I can enjoy reading back.  But boy, does life tend to get in the way.  And it’s not even that I’m so horribly busy I can’t write, it’s that I don’t make my writing a priority very often.

I like to *tell* myself it’s because I have so many things to do.  Working, taking care of my beautiful twins…working some more.  But the real answer is that I *let* my writing fall to the side.  Actually, I tend to go through stages.  A big boost of “writing energy” goes through me at random times during the month and I wonder how I ever lived without writing 1000 words a day.  Then it tapers off and I realize I haven’t written in weeks.

Sometimes, I sit down to write and my brain is racing around so quickly, I can’t focus on anything long enough to get it down on paper.  Well, coherently anyway.  A therapist has suggested ADD – but my explanation wanders a little more down the “Caffeine” route.  More precisely, too much of it.

So how does this help me finish a novel?  No clue.

Patience, I guess.  Maybe understanding…of myself, so that I don’t beat myself into a bloody heap trying to *force* that story out of my head.  Taking it one day at a time helps, but I have to make sure the frustration doesn’t overtake me.

It’s NaNo month, too.  I signed up the night of the 1st.  I was able to write a few 1,000 words in a few days, but it’s not really the type of accountability I seem to need.  I’ve also tried having someone else HOLD me accountable, but I think being creative…the whole concept of being creative, is letting it happen.  Not forcing it, not doing it for anyone else.  So I’ve come to realize, I need to hold myself accountable, IF I enjoy it and it’s something I want to do.  I have to just make myself find the time and just do it.  (Thank you Nike).

It bothers me that I can sit here and write a blog post, and not channel that energy into writing.  But again, I don’t believe it’s a cop-0ut – it’s writing.  It may not be moving my manuscript further along, but at least it gets me thinking.  🙂

New Novel Word Count: 16,244


3 thoughts on “Life Gets in the Way

  1. “It bothers me that I can sit here and write a blog post, and not channel that energy into writing.” I feel your pain. Why is it we can focus long enough to write a coherent blog post, but can’t always write 1,000 words of a scene or chapter?

    My thoughts are pick one scene at a time. That has really helped me focus.

    • Thank you! I started noticing that I can do that a little. I’ve wondered if I should try to do this more, pick one scene and put all my focus on that. I have a new document simply labeled “Scenes”. I’m really glad to know that trying that way of writing has been beneficial to someone. I thought maybe I was a little crazy for it, so your comment has given it a little more validity for me!

      • Haha. No, we all have our ‘crazy’ writing quirks. That’s what is nice about blogging. We find people with the same concerns and share ideas to work around them:)

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