December is…?

Well, we’re done with November AKA NaNoWriMo Month, or rather it was over two weeks ago and I’m now just realizing that I haven’t written since the end of it.  Has anyone else done this?

I never expect to actually finish a draft in November, but this year, I made some smaller goals throughout the month and tried to stick with it.  I ended up over 30,000 words so far.  If you’d been keeping up with my continued word count on past blog posts, that’s over 12,000 words that I added.  Sure, it’s not 60,000.  But it’s over half of my end goal, so I’m pretty happy with myself.

However, two weeks into December and I haven’t added onto my novel.  😦

I guess it could be expected that I might get a little “burnt out” writing if I really powered through November.  Although, the momentum should keep me going further.  But really, I didn’t write a little every day.  I actually took two days during the week of Thanksgiving and wrote over 3,000+ words just in those two days.  THAT may have burned me out.  LOL

Hopefully, the acknowledgement and writing this post will keep me thinking about it.

Oh well.  Write on, fellow writers!!

New Novel Word Count:  30,000 +