Over 500 Words LOST!

Tell me some of you other writers have done this!?!  I wrote over 500 words on Friday, logged back in yesterday only to find Word (and I) didn’t save any of it!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh…..

I’ve actually never had this happen to me.  Generally, Word will autosave every 10 minutes or so.  I’m not entirely sure how it happened this time that it didn’t.  After some thought, I wondered if maybe I accidentally opened a “autosaved” past version and it saved over the old one.  Whatever the case, I lost it.

So.  Now I’m struggling to get back into the flow of the story.  I had finished a very intense scene.  To me, it’s like writing a long, in-depth email to someone and losing it.  You can’t go back and pour your heart out a SECOND time.

I’m doing my best to think of it more as, well, that was my first draft.  Now I’ll rewrite the scene as I may with a “second” draft.  Still frustrating though.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to ‘recreate’ the intensity of a scene that you’ve lost?

Aside from that minor setback, I’m flying through this story.  I’m only about 15,000 or so away from the end, roughly.  Which might be why losing a chunk of it was difficult to swallow!

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent this fine Monday morning!  I’ll stop procrastinating and try to get back into it.  Have a great week everyone!

New Novel Word Count:  43,000 (ish)


6 thoughts on “Over 500 Words LOST!

  1. Hey! Just thought I would let you know that this happened to me last night… no fear though! Keep looking, there is a button somewhere where you can find restore work… i’m really bad at computers though! Good luck! xx

  2. Ah, that’s a NaNoWriMo nightmare! EVERY WORD COUNTS! lol By reading how your situation played out, it seems as if it’s quality over quantity. 500 words is nothing for some, but so much more if you were truly passionate about it. Hang in there! Things happen for a reason! \ 🙂 /

    • That’s what I kept thinking – 500? That’s not too bad, I mean I’ve actually been over 1000 words a day recently. So I thought, this can’t be too big of a deal. But I think it was just that there was so much emotion packed into those 500 words – a horrible argument scene – written when I was upset, too. But all that makes me think you’re exactly right. Perhaps, it’s gone because it just wasn’t right for the tone of the story and I need to calm down and get back to writing in the correct tone. Thank you for your comment!

  3. I know that feeling well, and it always sucks! You think writers would have learned by now to save every few minutes 😀 But that’s a good way of thinking of it, that it was just the first attempt. I’m sure now you’ve written it once the next go will be even better!

    • Right!?! You know, I thought I had saved it. I emailed it back and forth to my work computer, in case I want to work on it at lunch or whatnot. 😉 So I think what happened is I opened it directly from my email, worked on it for a few hours, “saved” it and moved on. I think what I did was, instead of saving it OVER the original one I have on my computer at home, I ended up (by just clicking save) over riding the “temp” folder one. So I tried to search that folder, thinking maybe I could find it that way. It has about 12 different ‘saved’ versions in that folder, but none are the newest. From now on, I’ll make sure to save the minute I open it from my email into a specific folder, maybe by versions that way, too. Thank you for your comment!

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