“Lost” Excerpt

As the blade sliced through her skin like a knife through warm butter, red pain seeped slowly from the small gash.   She felt the cool hand of an invisible force press back against the flames of hell that threatened to engulf her.  Take her and bury her in the dark depths of an unforgotten cavern where no one could reach her again.

She watched as the trickle of blood started to ooze down her wrist and pool in the palm of her hand before overflowing and dripping to the crisp, white carpet at her feet.

Sinking to the floor, she studied the cut while a losing battle raged behind her crystal blue eyes.

This cut, unlike the many before, would never close.

Deep and shallow cuts.  Scars and fresh scabs.  Wounds that had long ago damaged the porcelain skin, but never truly healed, disappeared beneath the scarlet essence of life flowing from her body.

He’d never change…

But she’d never again have to feel the agony from it.


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