Last year, I remember posting a blog about the potential of visiting Write On The Sound, but sadly, it didn’t happen.  This year, however, I’m signed up and ready to go!  The conference starts Friday, October 3 and runs through the weekend.  I’ll only be attending the Sat/Sun lectures, but I’m so thrilled that I finally get to go and check it out.

A few of the exciting workshops include:

DEEP CHARACTERIZATION Some writers struggle because they unknowingly create a main character for a novel that is an extension of the author’s issues in life. This workshop is designed to help writers gain a deeper appreciation of the inner lives of their characters, and how that can translate into dynamic, vivid storytelling.

THINK YOU’RE DONE? AN EDITOR’S RED FLAGS AND WARNING SIGNS THAT YOUR MANUSCRIPT MIGHT NEED ANOTHER LOOK  Think you’re ready to submit or publish? Take one more look at that manuscript before you push the button. Three professional editors share the most common mistakes they see and help writers take their writing to the next level.

ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR  Whether you write a lighthearted boy-meets-girl romp, mysteries, historicals, inspirationals, young adult coming of age novels, or create fantastical worlds in which magical creatures are the norm, romance will add a rich layer to your story. Join three romance authors as they discuss trends, industry news, and the key scenes necessary to help your characters find their happily ever after.

I’m really looking forward to connecting with other writers and people that have been through the process.  I’m nearing the end of my second edit on my manuscript…it’s a good time to think about networking.

Let me know if you’ll be there, too!