Recommended Writing Sites

Here are a few sites I’ve come across while researching and prepping for NaNoWriMi that I thought I could share you all of you.  It’s just a quick list of ones I’ve “pinned” to my browser to read over and over!

Jami Gold’s Writing Tools: Killer Resources for Drafting Our Story

Jami Gold’s “Worksheets for Writers”:  Story Planning Worksheets (Out of all the worksheets I’ve come across, these are GREAT and set up with “formulas” to help mold it to your story!)

One Stop For Writers: One Stop For Writers is a powerhouse online library like no other, supplying writers with inspiration, education and unique description resources.  (This is a subscription site, but they do have “free” resources as well that I have enjoyed browsing).

Noisli:  Improve focus and boost your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary: OneLook’s reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word.

The NaNoWriMo blog is always a great resource as well!

I’m hoping the more I scan and read from these sites and others along the way, that in a little over two weeks, I jump for that goal of 50,000 words in November!!

Good luck fellow writers!!


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