LitKit Follow-Up (Review Month 1)

I’ve received my first month after signing up for the LitKit subscription (see last blog post).  I’m pleased so far with the items for this first shipment.

This first package included:

  1. “Stolen Sharpie Revolution”: A brief, but engaging, and eminently useful guide to doing a zine. From tools, to layout, copying, printing, trading, promotion, ordering, mailing, distribution, and a whole lot more. (Alex Wrekk / Portland Button Works)
  2. 2 x Mini-Zines  (by Ellen Marie Bae)
  3. A button that reads “I ‘heart’ books” (Portland Button Works)
  4. A magnet that reads “Read More Books” (Portland Button Works)
  5. A black retractable sharpie
  6. 1 x Kit to create 3 mini-notebooks
  7. April 2016 calendar which includes various writing prompts throughout the month!

I’ve already put together the 3 mini-notebooks (my personal favorite part of the package).  They are adorable.  My kids kept trying to steal them from me 🙂  See photo below of the completed books.  Even my husband agreed that it was a great deal for such a fun subscription!

Just receiving the box in the mail was exhilarating.  I’m excited for the next one!  If you haven’t checked them out yet, find them here: LitKit


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