LitKit Follow-Up (Review Month 2)

Happy May!

I’ve received my second month from LitKit.  I have to say, I’m not as excited with this package as I was with the first one, but I’m still looking forward to playing around with everything in this shipment.

  1. Sticker – “Running Makes Me Sad” by Mike McGee
  2. “In Search of Mindnight” – Poetry by Mike McGee
  3. Matchbox Theater from Leafcutter Designs
  4. Romantic Electric Camouflage (numbered first edition), chapbook by Mike McGee
  5. Harmony (audio album), download card by Mike McGee
  6. Monthly Writing Prompt Calendar

I think the kids will have a fun time with me when I put together the Matchbox Theater.  And I’m always looking for more to read.  The main idea behind this subscription does revolve around literature, so the box makes sense.  However, I’m not as excited about it centering around poems.  I’d love to see a little more in the way of “creative” writing and novel based ideas.

One more shipment under my current subscription, then I’ll be deciding whether to continue on again for another few months or not.