New Writer…coming through…

Welcome to my blog…

This is my first post.  Mainly because I hated seeing “Nothing Found” when I ran over to my main page.  It’ll take a little time for me to get settled and write my “first” real post.

A quick note about myself.

I write romance.  More specifically, category romance and hope to eventually be published under the Harlequin name.  I’ve been writing since I can remember, as far back as 4th or 5th grade, for sure.  And always romance…which makes me wonder if I was exposed to too many things at a young age.

I’ve written many stories, but only finished one complete manuscript.  It’s currently sitting on a desk, or rather a computer at Harlequin as we speak.  My second novel has started and I’ve really flown through word count, after two weeks – over 6,500 so far.

Basically, I’m hoping by entering the “Blogosphere” and trying to keep writing in the forefront of my mind, that maybe I’ll be able to finish my second manuscript.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to posting more in-depth and interesting posts in the future!